Frazetta Legacy Collection

Science Fiction & Fantasy Art Legend Frank Frazetta comes to life in a limited engagement series of coins & silver statues.

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Silver Hobo Nickels

A 5-Coin Collection commemorating the American Sculptural Art of Buffalo Nickel Carving

Collect all Five!

Ariana the Silverbug

Coins & Statues for Silverbugs by Silverbugs.

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It is our honor to offer for your consideration some of the world’s most beautiful coins & statues, emblazoned with riveting art from revered artisans, forged meticulously by hand using old-world techniques and time-honored traditions.

Each masterpiece we cast embodies the spirit of the artist and their creation; we serve them by immortalizing their imaginations in precious metals.

For us, going the extra mile in the design & manufacturing process ensures that you, our valued collector, will celebrate with pride the ownership of an heirloom quality “HotCoco” creation.

JM Bullion

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