Our Commitment to You

Every coin or collectible you acquire from HotCo.co is guaranteed to meet or exceed the following standards:

Bullion – Bullion coins manufactured with hi-speed machines are typically bulk-packaged for low-cost pricing and normally feature minor nicks and scratches from the production process.

Brilliant-Uncirculated – mint-fresh, uncirculated coins feature a matte finish and are free of major scrapes, scratches, gouges & fingerprints. Brilliant-Uncirculated or “BU” products, while high quality, may feature slight visible imperfections or evidence of the high-speed automated machine production.

Proof-Like – near perfect Proof-Like “PL” coins feature a two-tone finish with contrasting mirror and matte finishes. PL coins are almost completely free of visible defects or blemishes.

Proof – mint condition Proof “PF” coins are flawless to the naked eye, featuring a deep mirror finish, and are most often individually numbered and encapsulated for long-term storage.

Antique – special edition “antique finish” coins feature a proprietary, hand-polished patina finish. As antique finish coins hold their polish very well, these are not always encapsulated in clear plastic airtites, so that the collector can appreciate the coin’s fine detail without looking through an often scuffed plastic case.

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In the very rare case that you receive a product that falls short of your expectation, please review it against these standards. Any product that does not meet these standards may be replaced at no cost to you. A replacement request must be made within 15 days of your order’s arrival. Please photograph both the front and the back of the defective product, as we may ask you to submit photographic evidence along with your claim. All replacement requests are approved at our discretion.