2017 Silver Hobo Nickels

Prepare to be amazed! New collectible coins coming soon, featuring licensed art from engraving legends Saburov, Booteen, DeFlorentis, Adams & Jameson.

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2016 Hobo Statue

Commemorate the 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel Collection with the limited edition solid silver statue!
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The Mr The Collection

The 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel Collection features 10 original Mr The designs on 5 unique coins. Take a look at where it all began!
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A privately minted coin collection commemorating the
American Sculptural Art of
Buffalo Nickel Carving

Durer’s Knight

Kicking off the 2017 Silver Hobo Nickel collection is Roman Booteen’s adaptation of Albrecht Durer’s 1513 “Knight, Death and The Devil”. Intricately detailed on a 1921 Morgan silver dollar, this masterpiece takes us back to the times of magic and superstition. On a finely muscled mount, our brave knight journeys through an otherworldly valley; beasts and ghastly figures lunge and leer at the rider, while hunting dogs clamor at his feet, creating an eerie sense of foreboding.

The reverse design was also originally featured on a Morgan silver dollar, creating a rare “double obverse” Silver Hobo Nickel. Inspired by the mythology that surrounds trees, a twisted and ghoulishly tree represents all that makes us wary on a dark night in the woods. From the tree’s gaping mouth reaches a fist clasping a snake, while endlessly entwined serpents coil around the trunk and branches. Entangled in the roots lie a sword, skull and quiver of arrows, symbols often used to represent death.

Available in 1oz Silver Antique (5,000 total), and 5oz Silver Antique (2,500 total).

The 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel Statue!

August 16th, 2016 – In 2016, legendary hobo nickel carving expert Paolo “Mr The” Curcio licensed for production a series of 5 silver hobo nickel replicas, each featuring a unique obverse and reverse design from Mr The’s extensive portfolio.

To commemorate the first year’s successful launch of the five coins – The Fisherman, The Train, Skulls & Scrolls, Green Fairy Fishbones & Jefferson Skull – Mr The also authorized the 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel statue, bringing to life The Train coin’s reverse.
With a base fashioned from the rocky-bedded grade of railroad tracks, the characterized walking hobo features torn up clothes, an open-toed shoe, a corn husk pipe, tattered hat, and a sack full of his earthly belongings. The detail of the statue is stunning, right down to the fasteners securing the rails to the ties.

Each statue contains more than 10 Troy Ounces of silver, and the base is individually laser-etched with a unique production number, actual weight (in grams), and guaranteed minimum purity (925 Ag). Production is limited to only 1,000 silver statues, so act fast before they’re gone!


The 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel Collection!

The Artist

From his studio in Spain, Mr Paolo Curcio, known throughout the carving world as Mr The, turns private commissions and personal curiosities into some of the most breathtaking reliefs ever carved.

Engraving between forty and seventy Hobo Nickels each year, Mr The pushes the envelope on what is possible on such a small canvas.

Mr The is also the proud creator of two new engraving styles: Clad Cameo Carvings, which utilize clad coins, taking advantage of the dark metal interior to add another layer of depth and character to his creations. Further, Mr The is credited as starting the Big Head Mini Man style, creating a caricature of classic formats.

The Fisherman

The Fisherman’s obverse features the classic portrait of the wandering fisherman. Mr The’s original carving was sculpted over a period of two days, including an inlaid cigarette of 24 carat gold, and was engraved at the Original Hobo Nickel Society’s booth during the Florida United Numismatists convention in Orlando.

The reverse features a mountainous landscape formed from the coin’s original buffalo humps. With a copper fishing rod inlay, Mr The carved the design over two days as a fundraiser during Engrave-In, a non-profit event where the world’s leading Hobo Nickel engravers share their knowledge at no cost.

Available in 1oz Silver Proof (10,000 total minted), 1oz Silver Antique (1,000 total), and 5oz Silver Antique (1,000 total).

The Train

In stark contrast to the conventional Hobo Nickel portraits, Mr The’s Train showcases an original steam engine locomotive, paying tribute to the Hobo’s preferred method of transport. Carved in 2014, the Train was engraved over four days on a 1913 type 1 buffalo “full-horn” nickel, and sold for $700.

The Train’s reverse features the traditional hobo design, fashioning the hobo’s napsack from the buffalo hump, using the line above the denomination as the hobo’s walking stick.

Available in 1oz Silver Proof (10,000 total minted), 1oz Silver Antique (1,000 total), and 5oz Silver Antique (1,000 total).

Skulls & Scrolls

A pioneer of the skull style, Mr The’s Skulls & Scrolls art was engraved in 2012, featuring a ghostly rendition of other favorites designs and framed with an ornamental, victorian-era scroll pattern.

The reverse design, Skeleton Gold Buckle, features a new take on the common hobo reverse, with the traditional hobo in skeletal form.

Available in 1oz Silver Proof (10,000 total minted), 1oz Silver Antique (1,000 total), and 5oz Silver Antique (1,000 total).

Green Fairy & Fishbones

Mr The departs once again from the traditional Hobo Nickel constraints with the Green Fairy, featuring an unclothed sprite enjoying an intoxicating substance from a steaming glass, while the reverse features the skeletal remains of a deep-sea dwelling fish.

Available in 1oz Silver Proof (10,000 total minted), 1oz Silver Antique (1,000 total), and 5oz Silver Antique (1,000 total).

Jefferson Skull

Wrapping up the 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel collection is the incredible Jefferson Skull Scroll, which was originally carved onto a 2005 special edition Westward Journey commemorative Jefferson nickel.

The reverse features Mini-Man & Train, originally engraved in 2014.

Available in 1oz Silver Proof (10,000 total minted), 1oz Silver Antique (1,000 total), and 5oz Silver Antique (1,000 total).

About Hobo Nickels

Dating back as early as the 18th Century, America’s hobo subculture passed time by carving miniature designs into circulating coinage. Although the term Hobo Nickel is generic and can be used to identify many various denominations, more carvings were made from the American five cent piece than any other coins. The hobby gained momentum in 1913 when the US Mint introduced the new “Buffalo Nickel”.

The new coin was a departure from classic american coins, which typically featured small portraits of women. The Buffalo Nickel obverse featured a prominent Native American male head, providing artists with a large canvas for sculpting and fine detail. The new nickel was thick and relatively soft, resulting in the most dynamic and creative results. Hobo Nickels evolved over the years to reflect the changing political, social and humorous culture, resulting in thousands of engraved designs, collected and cherished world-wide. In collector’s markets, these hand-made carvings frequently sell for hundreds of dollars each, while two-sided or rare specialty Hobo Nickels yield tens of thousands of dollars each!

The Silver Hobo Nickels collection pays tribute to this uniquely American art form, featuring officially licensed original art from the most talented artists in the coin engraving industry.

Each Silver Hobo Nickel features two original designs on a single 999 fine silver coin, finished in an authentic antiqued polish, edge-marked with a unique mint number, encapsulated for long-term preservation, with a production limit of less than 5,000 proofs.
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Silver Hobo Nickel News & Updates

2017 Silver Hobo Nickel Collection Announced!

November 25th, 2016 – What an exciting year 2017 will be! For 2016, the Silver Hobo Nickel collection featured ten original designs from Paolo “Mr The” Curcio on five unique coins. Now, for 2017, we’re expanding the field and showing off the amazing talent of FIVE new artists, with unique styles and themes, representing the finest engraving we’ve ever seen! Here’s a quick preview of what’s to come this year!

Jefferson Skull sculpts ahead of schedule!

June 30th, 2016 – Allowing for plenty of extra time to promote, Luigi Badia rocks out the last two sculpts in the 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel collection early!

JUST ANNOUNCED! The 2016 Silver Hobo Statue!

June 28th, 2016 – GET READY FOLKS! Thanks to the overwhelming success of the 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel collection, legendary engraver Paolo “Mr The” Curcio has authorized for production the one-of-a-kind Silver Hobo Nickel solid 925 silver statue! We’ve got a long way to go, but take a quick look at the very first work-in-progress image of the 3d art, as imagined by our digital artist Mario. Stay tuned for more info as the project moves forward – we’ll know more about size, weight & target price-point shortly!

Green Fairy Fishbone Sculpts

June 15th, 2016 – Here’s a quick first look at Italian Master Luigi Badia’s completed Green Fairy Fishbone sculpts.

Are you a coin collecting pioneer?

June 01, 2016 – Join Dave Harper of Numismatic News as he dissects the virtues of discovering, loving and collecting the 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel coin collection!

Coinworld takes a first look at the 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel Collection

May 28, 2016 – Coinworld’s Paul Gilkes takes a quick first look at the new 2016 Silver Hobo Nickel collection.

Skulls & Scrolls Sculpts Complete

April 28th, 2016 – Master Sculptor Luigi Badia hits the nail on the head once again with his first draft of the sculpt for Hobo #3, Skulls & Scrolls. With so many small detail crevices, we can’t wait to see how this one looks antiqued!

Together at Last!

March 22nd, 2016 – congratulations to Chris D., the owner of Mr The’s original Fisherman carved Hobo Nickel! He also acquired a matching 1oz Antique Fisherman Silver Hobo Nickel replica from APMEX to match up with his original nickel. Here’s an image of the two together.

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