Just Look At All These Great Presidents.
Tremendous Presidents.

Loved by many, hated by so many more, Donald J. Trump is the 45th President Of The United States. From travel bans to border walls, to some he appears to be an unhinged rogue. But you may be surprised to learn that the drama surrounding him pales in comparison to the men that are now regarded as the greatest presidents of all time.


The Presidential
Solid Silver Bust Collection

Celebrating all 45 Leaders of The United States Of America.

Loathed & Loved

In the spirit of the controversy surrounding the sitting POTUS, the collection kicks off with those whose presidency was (or is) marked with scandals so obscene, they make Trump appear… presidential.

George Washington
Our Founding Father

Would you believe the man immortalized in monuments, holidays and universities, was more despised during his time in office than Trump?

Frequently accused of treason by his congress, Washington acted more like a King than President, hovering close to dictatorship. Washington blatantly disregarded the first amendment, denying grain farmers the right to petition the government after his new central bank went broke and taxed whiskey to cover its losses. Ultimately, Washington raised an army to enforce compliance with the tax. But here we are, over 225 years later, and Washington is viewed with love and respect for his contribution to Making America Great.

Abraham Lincoln
The Great Emancipator

During his presidential campaign, Lincoln was a man so unpopular, southern states threatened to leave the USA if he was elected. And sure enough, before he took office, seven did, with four more to follow. Lincoln, with little regard for the Constitution, suspended habeas corpus, a pillar of American democracy. Ignoring state’s rights, Lincoln charged into the Civil War – the bloodiest war in American history, with more than 1.6 million recorded casualties. But, 150 years later, we remember Honest Abe as the president who held the Union together during a tumultuous time, and the man who paid the ultimate price for the abolishment of slavery.

“No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men.”
– Thomas Carlyle

Donald J. Trump

Will Trump take the crown from Lincoln as the most loathed president in history? In time, his legacy will be revealed. There is no denying Trump will go down in history just as Lincoln and Washington did – both despised and admired. But will he succeed in “Make America Great Again”? And what will that look like in 150 years?

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