Silverbugs DIGIBug

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For thousands of years, civilizations around the world valued silver as money, bartered in local markets and across global trade routes as a common, respected, and dependable medium of exchange. Gold was the treasure of kings, and other mediums of exchange came and went as conditions required, but silver alone stood the test of time.

But like all hard money, stubborn silver refuses to evolve with the rapidly changing world. Inherent to its physical form, silver has to be held by an individual to be owned, and trusting the metal to a custodian is seen as abhorrent to most true stackers.

Regardless, the digital age is upon us, and credit cards & instant cash transfers make trading with silver that much more impractical and even nearly obsolete.

And now, cryptocurrency threatens to shake the perception of money to its very core. For some, Bitcoin and other digital currencies lack all characteristics of money, and have been branded as Ponzi schemes. Others see cryptocurrency as an awkward bridge, back to the days of decentralized money controlled by the people, not a central issuing authority or government.