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The gigantic and mysterious Stegosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered at the size of a city bus!! Don’t be intimidated by his huge structure though, Stegosaurus or “roofed lizard” was an herbivore dining mostly on vegetation and fruits. In fact, Stego had such a short neck, that he couldn’t even reach up into the trees to get his food. Instead Stego used his powerful and flexible tail, swinging it into fruit trees and devouring the fallen treats.

This lifelike silver statue captures every detail of the ancient dino from his small head, long hind legs, and bony scutes running down his spine in two separate layers. In fact, Stego’s plates raise a huge debate between Archaeologists. Were they used for heat distribution throughout his body? Were they a mating feature making him more attractive to females? Were they used for self-defense? Any way you slice it, the Stegosaurus is one popular dino!

  • Contains 8+ Troy Ounces of silver
  • Measures L: 10.5cm W: 3cm H: 6cm
  • Weight 269+ grams
  • Only 1000 casts ever produced
  • Features: Laser-etched with serial number, purity & certificate of authenticity

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