The Torment of Marsyas

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In Greek mythology the satyr Marsyas (Μαρσύας) was tied to a pole and flayed alive by the god Apollo after challenging the god to a musical contest. Marsyas was admired for his intelligence (sunesis) and self-control (sophrosune), not qualities found by Greeks in ordinary satyrs. Among the Romans, Marsyas was cast as the inventor of augury and a proponent of free speech (the philosophical concept παρρησία, “parrhesia“) and “speaking truth to power.” The earliest known representation of Marsyas at Rome stood for at least 300 years in the Roman Forum near or in the comitium, the space for political activity. The statue was regarded as an indicium libertatis, a symbol of liberty, and was associated with demonstrations of the plebs, or common people. It often served as a sort of kiosk upon which invective verse was posted.

Enjoy this rare and unique piece of Greco-Roman history cast in Silver. This perfect replica of the Capitoline Marsyas is not only a conversation starter on history, but a reminder on ancient principles that have steered Western Civilization towards valuing freedom of speech and liberty.

In 2013 (MMXIII) The Junius Maltby began as a small and humble Youtube channel, touting the ideas of saving money in precious metals, being debt free, while challenging the status quo, speaking truth to power, and questioning the economic authorities. From day one, the face of Marsyas was the representation of the Junius Maltby Channel. The image that was present for the first 4 years of the channels life was of the face of Marsyas from the Roman statue held in the Capitoline Museum of Rome (taken by Junius Maltby).

The concepts of challenging authority, speaking truth to power, free speech, Liberty, and representing the pleb or common people are themes that are central to the ideals which permeate the Junius Maltby channel. To have this ancient symbol cast in the precious metal silver, a metal that was also dear to Rome and the Roman economy creates a statue that is both a physical and intrinsic symbol of these attributes. Challenging the gods (authorities) can also result in personal discomfort, torture and even death.



  • Contains 6 oz of solid silver.
  • Measures 120 mm tall with a base diameter of 30mm
  • Each statue comes in protective case accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  • Limited mintage of 1,000 pieces.
  • Features laser-engraved serial number along with the weight and purity.

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