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The mighty Triceratops is the second statue in the Lost World Collection, rising from our prehistoric past to battle Tyrannosaurus Rex in the present day. This finely crafted statue pays tribute in antique 925 silver to this youthful Ceratopsia, the final member of her species, wiped out forever during the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event.

Imagined and designed by 3D master sculptor Cosmin Morar, T-Tops contains 8+ Troy ounces of solid silver and stands at a total height just under 5cm. Each statue is hand-crafted, laser-etched with a unique production serial number and completed with the proprietary silver antique polish.

  • contains 8+ Troy Ounces of silver
  • actual weight 269+ grams
  • L: 10.5cm W: 3cm H: 4.5cm
  • only 1000 casts ever produced
  • Features: Laser-etched with serial number, purity & certificate of authenticity

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