Hawksbill Sea Turtle

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In 2015 National Geographic stumbled across a beautiful neon and red glowing sea turtle. At the time the live video was taken, the divers had no idea what species they were looking at, except that it was the first biofluorescent turtle ever found. But this stunning creature turned out to be the Hawksbill Sea Turtle. Although the species was first documented back in 1766, this was the first time scientists had ever observed it glowing.
You may be familiar with the material known as ‘tortoiseshell’. Its mottled coloring was popular in combs, jewelry, handles, and guitar picks. Its popularity dates back to Ancient Egyptian times. The material came from the now critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle’s shell. These days, synthetic substitutes exist for those wanting that ‘tortoiseshell’ look.
This gorgeous sea turtle is also incredibly tough, and we don’t just mean the shell! Its omnivorous diet includes things like innocent sponges and algae, but also jellyfish and even the Portuguese Man O'War! Because of this poisonous diet, the turtle’s flesh can become toxic to other prey, but not to the Hawksbill itself.
When you observe this majestic marine creature you can see why it’s called the Hawksbill. Unlike other sea turtles, it is characterized by its elongated head and hooked jaw that looks like a beak. And now, we’ve captured this amazing creature and its story in stunning .925 silver. You’ll love its cheeky looking beak, and knowing no turtles were harmed so you could enjoy it in your home.

  • Contains 10+ Troy oz of solid silver
  • Actual weight 336+ grams of 925 silver
  • Measures L: 90mm, W: 112mm, H: 30mm
  • Each statue comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Limited mintage of 1,000 pieces.
  • Features laser-engraved serial number and purity.

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