Arty "Red Leg"

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Meet Arty "Red Leg"!  Running ammo all day everyday!

It takes a special soldier to handle the heavy artillery.  With grit, determination, and a lip full of chaw, Arty "Red Leg" is ready for action!

Weapon of choice: 105 mm HE
Range: Out of sight, out of mind
Accuracy:  Good.. probably 
Speed:  Full run
Damage:  ground clearing

Coming Soon!

Part of the 1:24 scale Silver Soldiers Collection

  • Contains 4+ Troy Ounces of silver
  • Measuring L: 4.5cm W: 5cm H: 7.5cm
  • Actual weight 135+ grams
  • Only 1000 casts ever produced
  • Laser-etched with serial number &purity
  • Includes certificate of authenticity