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Ankylosaurus, or “fused lizard” as his name suggests, was the army tank of Dinosaurs. Ankylosaurus earned his name because his entire skull, bones, and armor were all fused together making him one of the toughest, strongest, and most rugged looking Dino’s ever.While standing only 5 and a half feet tall,

Anky was an intimidating creature. This short and stocky beast weighed up to a whopping 15,000 pounds! In fact, Anky didn’t have many predators because his spiked armor was virtually impenetrable and a swift bash with his club like tail could leave a predator crippled, and dazed & confused.

One of the rarest Dinosaurs to ever be unearthed, only three Ankylosaurus fossils have ever been discovered. For the first time ever we are bringing Anky out of the ground and into your hands. Impeccably detailed, this statue showcases Anky’s spiked armor, large horned skull, and his signature clubbed tail like never before.

Fifth in the Lost World Dino series!

  • Contains 8+ Troy Ounces of silver
  • Measuring L: 9.3cm W: 3.2cm H: 6cm
  • Actual weight 269+ grams
  • Only 1000 casts ever produced
  • Laser-etched with serial number &purity
  • Includes certificate of authenticity

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