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HYDRA the Mythical Sea-Serpent: Watch Out!! The venomous sea-serpent is back, and he’s tearing a path of terror! Dating all the way back to Ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the Hydra holds a lengthy reputation of being the toughest opponents to defeat in any aquatic battle scenario. How can you possibly kill an immortal beast? If you think cutting one of his heads off will kill him, think again and watch two more grow in its place!

With his fatally poisonous breathe, ferocious razor sharp teeth, and sheer size, Hydra dominates its opponents and shreds them to pieces with ease. As the most vicious serpent in history, there’s nothing that can come in the way of his quest for blood, best to let this beast rest peacefully in the depths of the sea... or else!

  • Contains 8+ Troy ounces of solid silver
  • Part of the Fairies and Fantasy Collection
  • Guaranteed minimum weight of 269 grams of .925 silver
  • Measures 76 mm tall with a base diameter of 56mm
  • Limited production of only 1,000 casts
  • Base laser-etched with weight, purity & unique production number

3D Master Sculptor Cosmin MorarCosmin Morar is not merely a sculptor, nor is he simply a CG and 3D character artist. He is an undisputed master of the craft, expecting nothing but excellence. Morar holds a Masters Degree in Sculpture from the University of Unate Bucharest, where he currently resides.

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