The Majestic Five: African Leopard

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Did you know the African Leopard will feed off prey as small as a dung beetle? It might seem strange to imagine, but when needs must, this Big Cat is more than happy to hunt the very tiny.
Although they can find a meal almost anywhere, this graceful creature is near threatened. They’re known as the least endangered of all Leopard, but their beautiful coat and perishing habitats make them the most persecuted.
And as an apex creature, once they are gone it spells disastrous shifts in the health of South Africa’s ecosystem. This affects not only plant and wildlife, but also human health.

Weighing in at a solid + grams, the Silver Leopard contains + Troy ounces of silver.

  • Dimensions: cm W x cm H
  • Weight: + grams
  • Metal: .925+ Silver
  • Silver Content: + Troy ounces
  • Mintage: Limited to 1000 casts
  • Features: Laser-etched with serial number & purity, box & certificate of authenticity

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