VIP - Collector's Club Silver Statue - Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles
VIP - Collector's Club Silver Statue - Heads or Tales Coins & Collectibles

VIP - Collector's Club

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Thanks for joining the VIP club. With VIP membership, you'll get...

reserved number for every statue care kit for preserving and protecting your acquisitions our lowest price on every model complementary domestic USA shipping

Important rules:

1) in order to take advantage of the reserved number, you MUST purchase a model within the first 30 days of the published release date. After this period, the number returns to the pool available to the public.

2) Each VIP membership is good for a single number reservation. Multiple statues will not be consecutively numbered, unless multple VIP memberships are held to reserve each number.


Strictly Limited to 150

Priority Access and Privileges

Exclusive Gift

Membership is capped at just 150, making you part of an exclusive club of silver collectors and aficionados who enjoy an array of advantages that are not available to the general public. To launch our silver club, we are offering membership at an introductory rate. Captain’s Club membership fees well rise in the future, making now the best time to join and start enjoying the privileges.

Your Captain’s Club entitles you to numerous exclusive privileges and exciting benefits. You’ll be able to preview and order our newest silver statues with pre-release VIP access and a guaranteed low number at the best possible prices. This means that you can built on the value and number of pieces in your silver collection, with beautifully designed statues that are not available elsewhere.

As a member of the Captain’s Club, you’ll get:
 - Priority pre-release access on each of our new silver statues.

By joining the Captain’s Club, you’ll receive your very own set of 3ox. silver wings, cast in. 999 silver. These Captain’s wings are inspired by the classic insignia worn by aircrew in the United States Air Force. The highly detailed design is sculpted in striking high relief, making these wings into a wonderful talking point for your desk or your display cabinet.


This elegant collector’s piece will be given a personal touch.

Please Verify Your Customs & Duty Costs

If you're receiving your collectible outside of the USA, we'll ship from our workshop via Federal Express or DHL. We will include an official customs invoice marked with the metal value, using harmonized tariff code 83062900. Please remember that you are responsible for any duty or tax levied by your country, if applicable. If there's a specific procedure to expedite the delivery process, please notify us immediately, and we will do our very best to accommodate.