Vladimir Putin

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From the trenches of the KGB to the hot seat of political power Vladimir Putin has dominated Russian Government for nearly 20 years. Known as one of richest men in the world, not for his wealth but for his ability to demand respect, you can be sure when this Russian President walks into a room, mouths shut and ears open!

It’s hard to say how Putin will be remembered 100 years from now. Will he be viewed as the “tell it like it is, no BS leader” who often disregarded democracy but restored order to a country that had lost its way? Or will he be viewed as an abuser of power without concern for his people? Only time will tell, but one thing for sure is he will not be forgotten any time soon.

You must obey the law, always, not only when they grab you by your special place.” -VLADIMIR PUTIN

Putin is much more than a powerful political figure though, and behind the eyes of this statue is an ordinary man, a man who holds a black belt in karate, an avid sports fan, an ice hockey player; but don’t forget behind those ordinary eyes is one of the most powerful men in the world!

  • Dimensions: 5cm W x 8.9cm H
  • Weight: 672+ grams
  • Metal: .925+ Silver
  • Silver Content: 20+ Troy ounces
  • Mintage: Limited to 1000 casts
  • Features: Laser-etched with serial number & purity, box & certificate of authenticity