Lakota Crazy Horse

When faced with extinction, man only has two options: become a slave, or become a warrior.

His Horse is Crazy

Tašúŋke Witkó, literally translated from Lakota as “His Horse is Crazy”, was a respected war leader of the Oglala Lakota. More commonly referred to as Crazy Horse, he fought against the U.S. federal government to preserve the land and traditions of the Lakota way of life, participating in the Battle of the Little Bighorn in June 1876. After surrendering to U.S. troops under General Crook in 1877, the prominent leader was fatally wounded while resisting imprisonment at Camp Robinson in present-day Nebraska.

Crazy Horse’s choice to defy the U.S. Federal government in order to protect his people and culture is an inspiration to any and all champions of freedom. In the view of author Chris Hedges, “There are few resistance figures in American history as noble as Crazy Horse… …his ferocity of spirit remains a guiding light for all who seek lives of defiance.”

Much controversy surrounds both the life and death of Crazy Horse. Most notably, many Indians and historians question whether any actual photograph of Crazy Horse was ever captured. Crazy Horse was a spiritual man, who did not want a photograph stealing his soul.

For the Crazy Horse silver medallion, Lakota Mint selected famed American Indian artist Kenneth Ferguson, who created the likeness from historical data and personal recounts of his appearance. The result is a bold image of a strong, proud warrior who fought the tyrannical rule of his white oppressors.

The Lakota Nation

The Lakota Nation, called Sioux by the white man (meaning snake), has endured centuries of atrocities and genocide by the hands of its colonial oppressors, which sadly continues to this day. The list of transgressions against the Lakota and other indigenous people is too long and disheartening to be listed here, but can be found in countless other resources for those that care to learn of them.

Instead of waiting for that same government to do something to fix the problem, the Free & Independent Nation of Lakota is taking matters into its own hands. For our people, we focus on education, language, and economic development to overcome our great challenges, which include addiction, suicide, and poverty. We believe honest money, accountable Silver and Gold, to be at the core of our ability to reclaim our future. We invite you, through the Crazy Horse medallion, to be a part of our success.

The Crazy Horse Coin

This is a coin that not only celebrates the Native American culture and quest for independence but also reminds all of humanity of the strength of the human spirit in the presence of true freedom. When faced with extinction, a man only has two options: to become a slave, or to become a warrior.

Heralded by critics as “…the most stunning and important art round ever produced…”, the Crazy Horse is a favorite of investors and collectors across the globe. Pick up this commemorative medallion in support of the Lakota People.

The obverse of this stunning proof quality silver coin features a portrait of Crazy Horse set on the background of a rising sun. Crazy Horse is wearing his famous war paint of white spots on his exposed body and a single lightning bolt down the right side of his face. The reverse of this coin features the buffalo, the heart and soul of Lakota culture. “Currency of the Free and Independent Nation” is written at the top and below the buffalo is the web address for the first Free Lakota Bank.

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