Hobo Nickel Legend Roman Booteen

Silver Hobo Nickel Master Engraver


MEET THE ARTIST  Based in Russia, rising star Roman Booteen (spelled Butin) maintains a mysterious level of anonymity, while producing hobo nickel creations which regularly shock the coin collecting community with both their subject matter and complexity. His carvings include pop culture figures, and he often plays with exaggerating and softening the facial features of his characters giving them a real sense of personality.

coming soon: Roman Booteen's
Trap Coin with the Golden Bait!

Rare $10k ‘Golden Bait’ Replica To Be Released To Hungry Investors In 2019

When we think of icons, rarely do we conjure up images of things only a few months old. Icons have history, proven cult followings, or at the very least some unspoken idea that they are anything but iconic.

But when Roman Booteen auctioned his 1921 Morgan Dollar Hobo Nickel in August for $10,101 it became an overnight icon.

This is not any old Morgan Dollar.

Booteen created the most exciting bas-relief sculpture the world had ever seen on a Hobo Nickel – ‘The Trap With the Golden Bait’. The obverse is domed, but it is the reverse that is the real star. This carved dollar features a 1945 Gold Dos Peso core, surrounded by a spring-loaded finger trap. With the trap open, it becomes part of the border work, but try to steal the gold bait and it snaps shut. Around the circumference a matching inscription by Sir Walter Scott reads: Aurum multo magis animas perdidit, quam ferrum corpora cecidit. The meaning - “Gold has killed more souls than iron”.

Never before has a coin like this existed in the market.

Within days, Booteen experienced an influx of requests from excited collectors. Where to buy his incredible coin?

Unfortunately, it was sold, and there was only one – until now.

Hotco.co has secured the exclusive rights to Booten’s design. We are proud to announce Roman Booteen’s “The Trap With the Golden Bait” is due for release early next year. This icon has a limited edition minting of 1000, so naturally it will disappear fast. And like the original coin, thousands of would-be investors will miss out again.

If you missed out, here’s your second chance.

Needless to say, this is one coin all investors are hungry to get their hands on. So don’t wait, contact us now at Hotco.co now for presales. Or join our mailing list and find out first when this amazing coin releases next year.