The Lost


Untouched by the outside, brimming with life and harmony, all is well in the Lost World as it has been for the last 66 million years…

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In a forgotten corner of the planet, shrouded by a thick cloud of mist, the ground trembles with a force like nothing else on earth. A flurry of activity fills the grassland as a terror of adolecent T-rex storm over the hill, roaring with pleasure for the good weather and freedom to roam. A brilliant waterfall rushes over the rocky cliff and into the sparkling lagoon below. The dense green foliage waves in the warm breeze as a lone Pterodactyl takes flight. The mighty Triceratops meanders up to the watering hole, pausing to graze on the plentiful vegetation. Beyond the valley, the heavily armored Ankylosaurus is busy building a fortified nest capable of withstanding even the most ferocious of predators. Brachiosaurus looks on approvingly from the lush tree canopy nearby. Untouched by the outside, brimming with life and harmony, all is well in the Lost World as it has been for the last 66 million years…

Teaming with over a 1,000 different species, dinosaurs brought a tremendous amount of diversity to the Earth’s landscape. Scientists originally believed dinosaurs were slow moving and cold-blooded creatures, however, extensive research has shown that they were highly active with strong metabolisms. Evidence even shows a number of adaptations for social interaction.

Another common misconception is that all dinos were GIHUGIC in size. Ranging in size from 8 inches to 130 feet long, some dinosaurs were herbivores, while others preferred the all-you-can-eat meat platter. One thing all dinosaurs agreed on was the importance of laying eggs, afterall, who doesn’t fancy a comfy nest for their offspring?

Where did they go?

Was it a string of volcanic eruptions, a massive meteor shower, or the Thanos snap that wiped the dinosaurs from the land and sea? Or perhaps these miraculous beings were just a figment of our young Earth’s imagination. Chances are we’ll never fully know, but that’s part of the mystique! In the meantime, mankind will continue dreaming up stories, children’s characters, and movies to keep these beasts close at heart.

Own the Coins that Tells the Story Today Emblazoned in 999 fine metal, each commemorative Lost World coin is made in the USA for your collecting enjoyment. Sprung from the imagination of master sculptor Matt Bonaccorsi, eagle-eyed collectors will quickly notice that carnivores are facing left, herbivores face right. Further, the Latin text around the rim is the genealogy of each beast for budding young scientists to feast on. Collect them all!

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