Roman Booteen’s

7th Circle of Hell

Authorized Replica

When it comes to master artist Roman Booteen, there is no shortage of creativity. For the 7th Circle coin, Roman draws inspiration from Inferno, the first part of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, an epic poem which took twelve years of writing to complete in the 14th century.


The tale follows Dante as the protagonist, along with the ancient Roman poet Virgil, as they travel through Hell. Hell is depicted in the poem as consisting of 9 circles of torment situated within the Earth’s core.

The 7th Circle of Hell houses those who have committed acts of Violence, the two characters meet The Minotaur, a mythical, fearsome creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man. The Minotaur guards the 7th Circle, after being slain by Theseus, the mythical King of Athens.

In a bid to distract The Minotaur, Virgil announces that Dante is not Theseus, whose very name drives The Minotraur into a blinding rage, allowing the main characters to sneakily enter the hallowed gates.

About the Artwork

Booteen’s 7th Circle coin depicts a silent, contrite Minotaur, sitting seemingly contemplative of his actions. It is a re-imagination of the original tale, in which the Minotaur becomes aware of his violent ways after Dante and Virgil have escaped his guard, and he is now remorseful of his ways that led him to his failure of duty.

 He sits on his brimstone throne, with a shield alluding to a defensive stance, instead of a weapon of aggression, oblivious to and surrounded by the souls he was charged to torment. Weighed down by the realization of his true nature, and the irony of his guardianship. This re-imagination of the tale is a stark reminder of our own fallacies; the consequences of giving in to our impulses and anger.


The 7th Circle Coin

at a Glance

- Authorized, licensed reproduction of Roman Booteen’s original 7th Circle coin
- Features gold plated Minotaur
- Crafted from 2+oz 999 fine silver- 39 mm diameter, 5mm thickness
- Reverse (back of coin) features Morgan Dollar design
- Includes Certificate of Authenticity, Bevis Blockchain verified
- Limited to only 399 pieces
- Individually laser-etched with serial number
- Includes collector’s box and custom stand

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